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Kamol Sukosol Electric Co.,Ltd as the sole distributor of TEAC Corporation (Japan)' s TEAC audio equipment. KEC has been providing Thai consumers with " state-of-the-art " in the worlds of professional and consumer audio since 1974. Every TEAC product,, possess from the same characteristics of technical innovation of TASCAM, high performance, superior precision, reliability and durability, KEC also markets professional audio systems under the Euphonix, Focusrite, AXEL, Aphex, PHONIC, Stewart, Milab, RTW, TUBE-TECH, Summit Audio, Apogee and Dynaudio Acoustics brands. KEC foresees significant growth in Thailand' s recording and broadcasting industry. This growth will ultimately require the support of quality audio equipment which KEC is positioned to offer.

KEC' s audio broadcasting group is devided into two subdivisions, each targeting different customer segments. TEAC Consumer Audio is focused on servicing the needs of individual consumer and small business users. While the Kamol Pro Audio subdivision targets semi-pro and professional users.

TEAC sound equipment are sold through a network of over 100 provincial dealers and 50 Bangkok dealers. Customers can view TEAC' s complete line at KEC showrooms at the company headquarters on Mahachai road. All showrooms are equipped with sound proof listening rooms, allowing customers to enjoy our products first hand. Due to highly specialized nature of the products, KEC' s range of semi pro and professional products are only available through our direct sales team and the Pro Audio showroom. The showroom offers customers the latest in audio technology, equipped with a demonstration room.

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E-mail: audiosales@kec.co.th

Featured product:

Apogee: Sound Amazing with any application

Apogee Duet  - Firewire 2 Channel high quality audio interface with 2 built in high quality mic pre's-

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Apogee One: USB One Channel high quality audio interface with built in tuned apeture microphone and high quality mic pre

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Jam gain control knob

Apogee JAM brings the legendary sound quality of Apogee to iPad™, iPhone® and Mac. Now guitarists can have a pocket-sized, plug in and play interface at an unprecedented price and experience ultimate tone with the guitar amps and effects in Apple’s GarageBand software or other compatible applications

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Symphony I/O

Ultimate sound quality. Logic and Pro Tools compatibility. Total I/O flexibility. Symphony I/O is the result of Apogee’s 25 years of research and development, taking legendary sound quality to the next level.

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Whether consumer or professional, installation and after sales service is extreamly important for audio products. KEC employs a team technicians to ensure that our customers are properly serviced. The Company also provides advisory services to customers due to the complexity of it' s professional products. At the Pro Audio studio showrooms sound engineers are on hand to advise customers on the latest in audio technology.

Product Line

TEAC Consumer Audio

The TEAC product line includes compact disc players, cassette decks, amplifiers & tuners, home theater systems, and equalizers & speaker systems.

TEAC CD drives boasts remarkable stability, little effected by external resonance and vibration, VRDS (Vibration Free Rigid Disc Clamping System) and great tracking performance which results in excellent sound clarity and presence. Models are available for both high-end use and home use.

TEAC' s line of cassette decks, famous for its reliability and durability, include single, double, and auto-reverse models to suit every need. Models are equipped with special functions and features including Dolby noise reduction systems, automatic recording level-adjust system, pitch control, and double deck parallel recording capability.

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Kamol Pro Audio

For semi pro and professional users, KEC provides a wide array of recording equipment, compressor and limiter, power amplifiers, mixing consoles, and microphones.

For the very HI-END professional recording studio, KEC distributes "Euphonix" digital mixing console from the U.S.

And the professional recording studio, broadcasting "D&R" analog/digital mixing console and broadcasting requirements from Netherlands

We also offer "AXEL" products from Italy which satisfies all major broadcasting requirements Software On-Air for Automated Radio System and TV. Product as Console, Telephone hybrid, Logger, Coders.

And for the TV / FM broadcasting station "Cte broadcast" analog/digital Transmitters, Exciter, Power Amp, Microwave /UHF Link, Audio Processor, Antennas, Cable Connectors from Italy

Other famous names in the recording and broadcasting industry are also available at KEC to give your sound more quality such as

" APHEX " audio signal processor for Stage, Studio, and Broadcasting Studio from U.S.A.

" Apogee " High quality AD/DA ConvertorÒ from U.S.A.

" Amperes " Public address system from Malaysia

" Proel " Complete Sound Equipment for PA system from Italy.

" Dynaudio-acoustics " Studio Monitor from Denmark.

" Eventide " effect processor and equipment for Broadcasting from U.S.A.

" Focusrite " High quality audio signal processor from England.

" MILAB " High quality Microphone from Sweden.

" PHONIC " Complete Sound Equipment for PA system from Taiwan.

" Prodys " New generation of high-performance audiocodecs for ISDN and IP from Spain .

" RTW " Monitor Instrument from Germany.

" Summit Audio " Tube audio signal processor from U.S.A.

" Switchcraft " Audio & Video Connectors, Patchbays high quality from U.S.A.

" Sound Power " The quality Conference Microphone System.

" T.C. Electronic " The Ultimate Sound Machines from Denmark.

" TUBE-TECH " Tube audio signal processor from Denmark .